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AAI Care Farm

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STRATHALBYN CARE FARM Animal Assisted Interventions

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ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Strathalbyn care farm ..................................... 3 Animal Assisted Interventions Care Farm and Training Centre .................................... 3 1. Meet our animals and staff ....................... 4 Meet the team ............................................ 6 2. Programs ................................................. 7 3. Services ................................................... 9

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 3 STRATHALBYN CARE FARM Animal Assisted Interventions Care Farm and Training Centre Strathalbyn Centre and Care Farm Is a place where people of all ages and abilities come together to reconnect to the earth, animals, nature and themselves. Plants and animals live in harmony with nature. All our farmed animals have been socialized as therapy animals, and will get to live natural lives and to express their natural behaviours. We welcome our industry partners and people to come and heal by participating in Animal Assisted Interventions or farm activities in whatever way they can. The very act of participating, being included, being in nature, and having a meaningful visit or task to accomplish can be incredibly healing. We want to offer this to children, youth, seniors, and people of all ages recovering from physical illness, mental health concerns and many other challenges. Care farms are part of a growing 'ecotherapy' movement that utilizes therapeutic farming practices. Provides health, social or educational care services for a range of people and provides animal-assisted interventions and farming-related activities. Services are provided for: 1. Children and Youth in Search 2. Children with Complex Health Care 3. Adults and Children with Different-Abilities 4. Adults and Children with Mental Health Challenges 5. Seniors and Elderly Living with Dementia

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 4 1. MEET OUR ANIMALS AND STAFF Animals are being used as therapy animals for a wide range of ailments. From children with autism to group homes for people who suffer from memory impairment disorders such as dementia, animals are helping people to connect with animals and each other. They are bringing a sense of calm and comfort to the lucky people who get to watch over them. Animals bring about a nostalgic feeling to our older generations who may have grown up with animals and a new sense of awe to the younger ones. The care of animals also brings teaching moments, responsibility and routine to people who need this to thrive. All the animals have been carefully raised and are trained to taking part in animal-assisted activities, education and therapy

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 5 Our Therapy Animals We assess, train and house our current working animals in a free-range habitat Our therapy animals are lovingly housed in a rural facility surrounded in a picturesque and tranquil bush setting. Our 10 Acre property allows many of our animal family to enjoy free-range natural habitats outside of their training and working role in the city. We Partner No, we are not breeders of different species of animals, we leave that to the professionals. We specialise with working with potential species of animals, to train them for safe handling and placement with individuals, facility and special need individuals’ homes. We partner with a voluntary alliance of animal breeders, professions, veterinarians and other animal charities that aims to promote the freedom, independence and rights of people to own therapy pets across Australia.

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 6 Meet the team Our animals act as important ambassadors for their species in Animal Assisted Interventions, “Animals in the rehabilitation and social care of people" Enhancing quality of life and health through the animal/human bond both in our own backyard and across the globe. In addition, are part of regional and Australian Animal Assisted Intervention programs. A team of animal keepers, trainers, vets and vet nurses care for our animal residents. Animal keeper teams are made up of our network of highly qualified professionals and volunteers whom provide most the animals’ daily care requirements including feeding, cleaning, training and enrichment practices. The veterinary team, Dr Neil Griffiths (BSC, BVMS, MVSC) has 30 years of veterinary experience manages the long-term health of our animals. Paediatric and adult desexing, Vaccinations, Microchipping, Dental checks and surgery, Digital X-rays, pathology, medicine, referrals and advice and information.

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 7 2. PROGRAMS Welcomes People of All Ages and Abilities AAT is a goal oriented, planned and structured therapeutic intervention for individuals across the lifespan: enhancing physical, cognitive, behavioural, social emotional and spiritual needs and functioning. ➢ Animal Assisted Therapy ➢ Adult, Child and Youth Mental Health ➢ Animals and Seniors ➢ Animal Assisted Activities ➢ People with Different abilities ➢ Nature Based Recreation

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 8 Strathalbyn Care Farm is an inclusive community that provides the opportunity for natural and meaningful social engagement of community members of all abilities. •

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 9 3. SERVICES Programs and Services Animal Assisted Interventions care farm and training centre is a hands-on animal assisted interventions training centre, located in a natural farm setting in Adelaide Hills, Strathalbyn, home to a wide variety of Australian animals. Enjoy animal encounters, themed exhibits and behind the scenes tours. Learn about the animal assisted interventions work undertaken by our qualified professionals and keepers. Our private rural Animal Assisted Intervention Training and Wellness Centre is not open to the General Public for visits, however our qualified professionals do schedule private and specialised programs at the centre through joint venture partnerships. Programs and Services Structured programs and skilled professionals incorporating animals into treatment The Strathalbyn Care Farm provides innovative community-based programs for adults, seniors and young adults. A supportive, positive environment is the foundation of our structured programs which emphasize meaningful activities that support the identification, acquisition and retention of personal, social and vocational skills. Our goal is to empower each client to live a meaningful life and encourage positive interactions through social, recreational, vocational and transitional services.

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Strathalbyn Care Farm Programs and Services 10 For a complete copy AAI Care Farm Booklet Please complete information request form on website For Further information Animal Assisted Interventions Care Farm and Training Centre Email: Phone: 0481 293 370